Sunday, January 10, 2010

So, I haven't worked on this blog since I set it up. However, I am now inspired by my friends' sites. I sit here awaiting the dreaded football play off game, knowing that when it comes on it's time for me to leave the living room and go into the cave (basement) to avoid the whole football scene. My hub tends to get himself in an uproar as if there were stakes in it for him. I will scrap in the basement while doing laundry and clean/organize while I am down there. I am so hoping for a speedy recovery on my knees as I miss work terribly. I feel useless and as if I am no help to anyone around the house. I am a type A person and can't stand this sitting around. I look forward to a healthy 2010 and can't wait to get back to the grind of work.

Friday, October 16, 2009


So again, here I sit recovering....trying to set up this blog. Technology is so advanced. I still wonder who really wants to read a blog belonging to me, however I continue on :) It's amazing how we can keep in contact with people all over the world with just a click of the keys. I have friends that have moved to Arizona, Florida, up north Wisconsin that I can locate and "talk" to in moments. I can see pictures of their families, find out about their work, health and feelings in just minutes. The nay-sayers report that we are not "communicating" like we should be. I say that this is not a true statement. I know more about these friends via modern technology then when they lived here, worked here and I communicated verbally with them on a daily basis. So even though we aren't talking per se, we sure are keeping in contact with these friends aren't we? I am at home on sick/injured leave and find myself blogging. Something I never thought I would do. I mean really! Does one care what I have to say (type?)